The Story of the Temporary Employment Service Worker

Introduction to the Conflict Plaguing the Outsourced Worker’s Relationship   Labour laws stand in prima facie conflict with the established triangular employment relationship between an employee and their two employers in relation to Temporary Employment Services.[1]   This has therefore resulted in utilising As a consequence of this triangular relationship, the utilisation of a TES has […]

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Proposed UN Model for Arresting International Criminals

By Clifford Smith   Abstract This article will examine the problematical area of international criminals accused of serious crimes and avoiding arrest. In turn, it cast serious doubts about the effectiveness of the international criminal justice system. It proposes creating a UN Special Task Force that would operate globally to arrest international fugitives. The model […]

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Foreign Marriages in South Africa

By Allen West   The formal validity of a marriage is determined by the law of the place where the marriage is solemnized, i.e. the lex loci celebrationis. This, however, does not imply that the law of the country where the marriage was solemnized, governs the legal and proprietary consequences of such marriage. In terms of South African […]

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Omar Dis-Appear

The Potential Legal Effects of Africa’s Withdrawal from the International Criminal Court as a Result of the Omar Al-Bashir Debacle The mass withdrawal of the Rome Statute by African states leaves most of them with little to no discretion on whether to prosecute jus cogens crimes envisaged in the courts jurisdiction due to the absence of the complementarity principle, the […]

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Thula Madonsela!

 The Silencing of South Africa’s Public Protector The Public Protector, in theory, was designed and created to strengthen the constitutional democracy within South Africa along with the other Constitutional Institutions established under Chapter 9 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.[1] In order to strengthen this constitutional democracy, it is imperative that the Public […]

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Milking the Honeypot

  An Inconvenient Truth about South Africa’s Sugar Tax Introduction to South Africa’s Sugary Problem South African’s are too obese. That is unfortunately one of the very inconvenient truths plaguing the country at the moment, with South Africa possessing one of the highest death rates associated to sugary beverages in the world. This has prompted […]

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